Compliance One has developed a reality-based Collaborate, Assess, Respond, Emerge (C.A.R.E.) training program that combines healthcare and law enforcement approaches to workplace violence. By combining healthcare experience and police tactical experience, this program delivers actual skills that can be repeated in the healthcare setting to promote safety for patients, visitors, and staff. By reducing risk, we reduce anxiety. These incidents are “high risk” low-frequency events that cannot be addressed with an “online” program. Participants will learn tactical skills in break out groups and perform those skills in a scenario-based event.

I’ve been an RN for 35 years, this is one of the best training I’ve ever been to!

Keep teaching this across the nation!

Knowledge and training are essential for frontline employees – people do not rise to the occasion – they sink to their level of training! C.A.R.E. training provides the catalyst for your employees to continue their education in workplace violence and train everyone else on their team. The program is aimed at reducing risk and anxiety by empowering employees to act during violent occurrences. The goal is to create a culture of safety in the healthcare environment. Security is everyone’s responsibility and investing in employee and patient safety not only meets the requirements for OSHA, Joint Commission, CMS, and other accreditation organizations, it’s simply the right thing to do.

C.A.R.E. Training Tactics

• De-escalation skills
• Workplace violence prevention programs
• Cost/Liability of Workplace Violence -what happens without training
• Data collection process that leads to solutions
• Customer Service programs – how to be successful
• Education/Training – how do you know if it’s working?
• Defensive Tactics for personal safety
• Understanding Law Enforcements response to healthcare
• Creating a collaborative approach with Law Enforcement
• Domestic Violence in the workplace – Response plans
• Situational awareness and environmental design that promotes safety
• Workplace design – removing potential weapons
• Lockdown policy and lockdown failure plans
• Active Shooter Plans for healthcare – participation in actual scenario drills to improve response

This training program will provide your employees with a solid foundation to address workplace violence, domestic violence, and active violence within the healthcare setting. Employees will be placed in situations to understand the physiology of the human body and mind during emergency situations.

Our subject matter experts created this industry-leading program to address workplace violence empowering your employees to survive these critical encounters while saving the lives of your patients, visitors, and staff.

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