Marshall Public Schools

Positively impacting student and staff safety through a district-wide All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).


Compliance One assisted Marshall Public Schools in receiving $1 million in grant funding from the State of Michigan Competitive School Safety Grant.

Marshall Public Schools is home to 2,466 students and 327 teachers, staff, and administrators across eight sites. Compliance One Group helped to develop a district-wide All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). 


CSM Group recommended Compliance One Group to perform an on-site assessment of seven school facilities in Marshall Public School’s district to determine appropriate implementation of door security devices on all of their classroom doors. A total of 737 classroom doors were identified, and the cost to replace/install devices on all these doors was going to be very costly. 

With a core focus on student safety, Marshall Public Schools recognized the need to make infrastructure upgrades and implement a comprehensive All-Hazards EOP for the district. 


Following a thorough site assessment of each building to assess where the door security devices should be installed, Compliance One was able to reduce the total number of devices needed to 381, which saved the district $28,480 in unnecessary devices that were originally going to be installed, and found a more efficient way to install the devices that helped save on cost.

A comprehensive All-Hazards EOP was also completed that included a detailed communication plan for safe and proper communication within the school, and for community partners, students, and parents outside the school if an unplanned event were to occur. Thorough on-site risk assessments were performed that identified risks and areas of vulnerability.

Protocols for evacuation, lockdown, and shelter-in-place were developed to educate students and faculty on safe evacuation procedures within the seven facilities and where to safely relocate for parent/guardian pick-up. Staff and students will be provided with a hands-on reality-based training session to understand the policies and practice the established evacuation and re-unification procedures.

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