Tennessee Hospital Association

Training hands-on strategies to prevent and respond during workplace violence situations.


Our skilled safety & security instructors trained 300 regional healthcare workers in 8 locations.

Compliance One developed a custom training program based on what would be most applicable for Tennessee Hospital Association’s audience. The training provided that audience with immediate takeaways that they are able to apply within their own facilities.

Training Overview

Tennessee Hospital Association’s training was developed to teach audience members strategies in preparedness. Here are the main areas Compliance One Group focused on for this training.

Tactical Communication Skills for De-escalation

Training in verbal deflection, which briefly acknowledges a verbally abusive person’s insults/aggression, then immediately follow with a conjunction that redirects the conversation back to the point at hand.

Situational Awareness & Violence Prevention

Establish an awareness baseline that includes developing a 360-degree mindset and tactics for prevention and response to a critical incident.

Active Shooter Prevention & Response

Strategies for reducing the risk and anxiety surrounding workplace violence in healthcare. Understanding actual workplace violence statistics and prevention in healthcare. Active Shooter vs. Targeted Violence, Intimacy Effect, Spillover Effect. Predatory Incidents vs. Impulsive/Reactive Incidents.

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